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Includes 8 Items;

2 x Divider Sets - Size small

1 x Lipgloss holder OR Brush Holder

1 x VC Foundation Holder

2 x Lipstick holders

2 x Large Compact holders


Item Specifications

Lipstick Holder (each)

  • Holds 24 Lipsticks.
  • W 8.5cm x D 23cm x H 4.5cm

Large Compact Holder (each)

  • Holds 7 compacts.
  • W 6cm x D 21cm x H 2.5cm
  • Also great for lipgloss storage in draws

Lipgloss Holder

  • Holds 24 Lipglosses.
  • W 8.7cm x D 24cm x H 8cm
  • Also great as a brush holder

Brush Holder

  • 3 pockets - Each pocket is L8.5cm x W6.5cm 
  • Total brush holder measurements - W 21cm x L 9cm x H 9.5cm

 Foundation Holder

  • A 2 tier clear acrylic holder to store your foundations, bottles, creams, palettes etc
  • Holder dimensions - W 24cm x L 11cm x H 7cm
  • Measurement of each row ( There are 2 rows ) - W 23cm x L 5cm


You get to choose the 2 divider styles.

You have 4 styles to choose from as follows;


VC Divider - SET 1

  • W 29cm x L33cm x 3cm
  • 4 rows, consisting of 40 slots.- Measurement of each slot - W 6cm x L 3cm x H 3cm
  • Perfect for storing small to medium makeup items. ie blushes, eyeshadows, gels  etc


VC Dividers - SET 2

  • W 29cm x D 33cm x H 4.5cm
  • Made up of 9 rows. Each row is 26cm long
  • Suitable for storing makeup items of any size. ie palettes, compacts, highlighters, eyeshadows etc


VC Dividers - SET 3

  • W 29cm x D 33cm x H 3.5cm
  • Made up of 8 rows and capable of holding 27 compacts. Each slot is W 8.5cm x L 3cm x H 3.5cm
  • Perfect for storing medium to large compacts, blushes, highlighters, eyeshadows, gels, powders, creams, pigments etc.


VC Dividers - Set 4

  • Measurements L33cm x W29cm x H5cm
  • 5 rows with a total of 35 storage slots.
  • Each slot is W 5cm x L 5cm x H 5cm
  • Perfect for foundations, creams, primers, bottles etc

Dividers arrive in strips. Simply assemble with instructions. Assembly 1 minute.


    Please note - All makeup storage items come in clear acrylic.

    Layout shown in listing images are done in the IKEA MALM dressing table.

    Divider sets 3 and 2 have been used

    Makeup NOT included