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VC ULTIMATE BEAUTY CUBE - Due back in stock Dec 2020

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PLEASE NOTE - This item is currently out of stock and will be due back in stock Early to Mid Dec 2020

If you are looking for a beauty cube with style and quality like no other, then look no further than the VC ULTIMATE BEAUTY CUBE.

This cube has been designed with functionality and glamour in mind for those with an extensive makeup collection and made with the highest quality acrylic for strength and durability.


  • Huge beauty cube sitting at 42cm tall and weighing 9.5kg!
  • A bottom drawer sitting at 13cm high to fit bottles, creams and sprays standing up.
  • 5 drawers, each with removable divider inserts fitted into the side of the drawer for extra strength. Divider inserts create individual storage slots and can be removed to create individual layouts or removed completely to lay makeup items flat.
  • A top section with raised acrylic sides sitting at 5cm tall creating security for items placed on top. This section also comes with removable divider strips providing 8 storage rows. Divider strips can be removed to create individual layouts or remove the entire divider section to have an open top.


Beauty Cube - 33.5cm W x 28cm L x 42cm H

Weight 9.5kg


5 Drawers - Each drawer with a faux crystal knob.

  • Top 2 drawers - 2.5cm High. Divided into 4 sections for long and short lip products, pencils, mascaras etc
  • 3rd Drawer - 5cm High. Divided into 40 sections for smaller eyeshadows, highlighters and pigments
  • 4th Drawer - 8cm High. Divided into 25 sections for Medium to XL Compacts
  • 5th Drawer - 13cm High. Divided into 9 sections for bottles, foundations, sprays, creams, palettes and mixed items
  • Top section - 5cm High dividers. 8 sections for large palettes and bottles.


*PLEASE NOTE - All internal dividers can be removed and makeup items can be laid down if you prefer.

Cube AND drawers are made of 5mm acrylic creating extra strength and durability.

Makeup is not included.